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The design process for any new sprinkler system begins with a flow rate and pressure reading test. We then measure the landscape to calculate the coverage required to effectively water the area. Once the design has been formulated, we supply a professional plan of the new system ready to proceed to the installation phase.


During all stages of installation works, every Pro Water Irrigation employee takes special care to keep the surrounding landscape in good condition. They will only disturb the areas where work is required, making sure that at the end of the job the area is well presented, tidy and clean.

Installation requires trenches be dug to run the piping under the soil. these pipes connect all the sprinklers together and feed them with the required water pressure to provide a sustained spray.

Service & Maintenance

If you have an existing irrigation system that is in need of repair or servicing, our technicians will come to your premises to diagnose and solve any issue or perform general servicing tasks.

Whether it’s a minor or major repair that’s required we will develop a strategy for the best course of action to get your system functioning at peak performance.

We can also educate and support our clients in the operation, and ongoing maintenance of their system. You can take peace in knowing that Pro Water Irrigation will keep your irrigation system running efficiently for years to come.

Smart Watering Control

The Smart Link watering control system allows you to manually control your irrigation system using your phone or computer from anywhere in the world. This same system also enables us to remotely address any issues by logging in remotely. This allows us to quickly respond to any issues you may come across.

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The easy to use app gives access to all elements of your controller including watering data forecast, scheduling reports and fault alerts. You can either control every facet of the system to create your ideal operation, or leave it all to the safe hands of the controller in automatic mode. Smart Link gives you the choice.

Garden Lighting

We love bringing gardens to light at night. With the soft glow giving an instant warmer effect for a more inviting experience. Bring your garden to life after the sun goes down with our garden lighting installation, designed to bring out the best in your property. For all premises big and small, it creates a fantastic attractive look and feel.